Wolfsburg West 20th Anniversary Celebration

Wolfsburg West eventually grew both physically and aesthetically. Physically, Wolfsburg West moved from its original location in La Habra to a second location within the same city for a total of 6 years. Looking into the future, Wolfsburg West moved to Anaheim, California where growth and diversity filled the new 10,500sq.ft. shop. With original parts becoming obsolete more and more every day and the ever-increasing demand for them, it was apparent that high quality reproduction parts were needed. Wolfsburg West had already reproduced many parts no longer available but it was not enough. Spearheading the Volkswagen reproduction parts industry, Wolfsburg West set forth on not only reproducing original parts but refining them as well. Tony’s ambition combined with Wolfsburg West’s commitment to high quality inevitably brought about the decision to move once again to a larger location in Corona, California. Almost three times the size of the shop in Anaheim, Wolfsburg West today is the largest “stock” Volkswagen parts dealer in the world. From a team of one to a team of 19 and from 1000 parts to 5000 in inventory, Tony modestly thanks everyone in the industry for 20 years of cool cars and cool people.

Wolfsburg West history cont.

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Wolfsburg West's first location in La Habra, California. For two years, this shop offered the booming VW community just under 1000 parts to choose from for their personal restorations. Circa 1987

Twenty years from the time you read this, Tony Moore founded and opened the doors to what is Wolfsburg West. As a Volkswagen enthusiast himself, Tony executed the restoration of a 1955 VW convertible that won the Best of Show at the very first VW Classic here in Southern California. Recalling the challenge of finding quality parts for his restoration, it was through this arduous task that the idea for Wolfsburg West was born in order to have the best parts available for those folks interested in doing what he had accomplished. In the beginning, Wolfsburg West was located in La Habra, California and consisted of a small shop and a staff of one. Approximately 6 months later, Mark Depew came on board and has proudly remained as Wolfsburg West’s first employee.