Color code L53 Sealing-wax red

8/1/58 - 3/31/61

Models 241-251

Color Code Color Name

Color Below Waistline L53 Sealing-wax red

Upholstery Material (Cloth)

Upholstery Material (leatherette) K207/206 Blue grey/Dark grey

Headliner color H124 Light grey

Door panel color K329 B/K328 B Blue grey/Dark grey

Sunroof cover color V31 Light grey

Carpet color, rear T110 Silver grey

Armrest color K330B Dark grey

Assist strap color Ks27 Light grey

Wheel disc (center) L472 Beige grey

Rim (outer) color L472 Beige grey

Floor mat color Black

Steering wheel color

Gear shift and brake lever color L471 Stone beige

Seat frame color L41 Black

Steering column tube color L471 Stone beige

Grab handle color, middle seat, partition and dash
Silver beige

Bumper color L82 Silver white

Shift boot Anthracite

Hub cap color    
Chromium plated

Dash, shift knobs
  Turn signal knob
Silver beige


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