Color code L398 Pacific

Year 8/1/61
Models 151,152

Color Code Color Name

Color Below Waistline

Upholstery Material (Cloth) P220 Derby grey

Upholstery Material (leatherette) K357 Silver beige

Upholstery Material (leatherette#2)

Headliner color

Door pillar color

Convertible headliner color V1 U135, Silver beige

Convertible Top Color V1 Black

Convertible Top Color, alternate V101 Blue green

Door panel color KsK38/48 Silver beige/Derby grey

Door panel color, alternate

Sunroof cover color

Carpet color, front T125 Graphite

Carpet color, rear

Armrest color KsK38 Silver beige

Assist strap color Ks67 Silver beige

Wheel disc (center) L394 Night blue to 7/62

Rim (outer) color L41 Black

Floor mat color Graphite

Steering wheel color Silver beige

Gear shift and brake lever color L469 Anthracite

Seat frame color L466 Silver beige

Steering column tube color L466 Silver beige

Grab handle color Silver beige

Running board mat color Glacier blue

Bumper color (type 2)

Shift boot Anthracite

Hub cap color

Dash, shift knobs Ivory

Notes Wheel disc= L289, Blue white from 8/62

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