Color code L380 Turquoise

Year 8/1/63 - 7/31/64
Models 221-228, 281,285, 241-251

Color Code Color Name

Color below waistline L380 Turquoise
  Color above waistline L289 Blue white

Upholstery Material (leatherette) K377 Como green

Headliner H125 Ice blue
  Headliner beading, (241,244) 037 Ice blue

Door/interior panels, all (leatherette) K379B Phosphor

Door/interior panels, all (leatherette#2) K377B Como green
  Partition covering (leatherette) K377B Como green
  Beading on partition 038 Como green
  Cover, end strip on partition K377 13B Como green
  Luggage compartment lining, lower 038 Como green
  Rear corner panel, upper 037 Ice blue
  Rear corner panel, lower 037 Ice blue
  Door handles, cabin and passenger compartment* 036 Silver beige
  Door handle escutcheon, cabin 036 Silver beige
  Door handle escutcheon, passenger compartment 036 Silver beige

Sunroof cover V106 Blue white
  Sunroof cover underlining U129 Ice blue

Armrest K377 Como green
  Sun visor
Ice blue
  Assist strap (241,244)
Silver beige

Wheel disc (center) L82 Silver white

Rim (outer) L82 Silver white

Floor mat   Black

Steering wheel  
Silver beige
  Horn button
Silver beige

Gear shift and brake lever L466 Silver beige

Seat frame L41 Black

Steering column tube L466 Silver beige
  Turn signal switch housing L466 Silver beige

Grab handle, dash and partition

Bumper L85 Silver white

Shift boot 039 Anthracite

Hub cap
Chromium plated
  Dash, heater, choke and shift knobs
Silver beige
  Turn signal knob
Silver beige

Notes * 241,244 models through chassis # 1 222 025 utilized chromium plated cabin and passenger compartment door


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