1975 Convertible

Models 151 - 153
1975 Chassis # 155 2000 001 - 155 2600 000
Upholstery Color and number Car Color 11D berber yellow 13K sunshine yellow 20C nepal orange 30C malaga red 31M ibiza red 41 black 50C lagoon blue 80E light ivory 95K palma metallic (green) 97A diamond-silver metallic 97B ancona metallic (blue)
black 50 x x x x x   x x   x x
opal (white) 53 x   x x x x x   x   x
yellow stone (beige) 56           x   x x    
fir green 63 x x       x       x  
Wheel disc, rim L 91 chrome colored; gearshift and hand brake lever LD 43 grey black; seat frame L 41 black.

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