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VW Bus
Wolfsburg Wired
August, 2017

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Deluxe Bus Corner 1955-1963
A common misconception among VW bus owners is the more windows you have the cooler your bus is, but at Wolfsburg West we feel more windows equate more headaches. It looks like we’re going to need some more Tylenol because we just added 2 more windows to the mix. Introducing the complete deluxe rear corner for buses from 1955-1963. Our factory stamped, complete, deluxe, corner window, sheet metal repair/replacement panels aren’t shy on adjectives to describe them, so we’ll let the photos do the talking. Rest assured these corners fit and function like an original and are readily available.
Made by Wolfsburg West

Deluxe Rear Corners, $480.00 ea.

Bus Deluxe Rear Corner Panel
Bus Heater Tube Front Sleeve 1955-1967
The heater tube under an early bus is wrapped with cloth to keep the warm air insulated. This same insulation can also trap moisture, slowly rusting out the heater tube over time. Until now fabrication was the only answer for the sleeved tube passing through the front cross brace, connecting the front and center tubes. Our newly rolled and spot-welded tubes bridge the gap under your bus which saves time and unnecessary fabricating. Simply click “Add to Cart”, so you can move on with your restoration.
Made by Wolfsburg West

Heater Tube Sleeve, $24.00 each.
Bus Heater Tube
Super Beetle Front Brake Spring 1971-1979
Brakes are the basis of a fundamentally sound VW. During routine brake adjustments, a commonly broken part is the star adjustment locking spring. When these "brake", your car doesn’t. Our new springs are an easy fix and can be installed with a hammer and punch.
Made by Wolfsburg West

Brake Spring, $2.50 each.
Brake Spring
Bus Accelerator Bowden Tube 1972-1979
Protect the braided gas cable under your late bus with our new accelerator cable Bowden tube. The flexible sheathing protects the cable from exposure while routing it properly from the chassis to the engine. Made by Wolfsburg West.

Bowden Tube, $21.95
Cable Bowden Tube


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