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VW Bus
Wolfsburg Wired
December, 2017

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Deluxe Corner Window Repair Section
Corner window rust is a common hurdle for most early deluxe owners during restoration. If you don’t need to replace the entire corner on your early deluxe but have some rust issues at the window channel, we have the perfect solution. These panels are made from the same tooling that our complete corners are stamped from, which saves you money without compromising quality.
Made by Wolfsburg West.

Deluxe Rear Corner Repair Section $160.00 ea.

Vent Wing Lock, Chrome
Brake Pedal Bolt 1955-1967 Bus
Bus brake pedal bolts are often missing or heavily pitted from years of exposure. Simplify your restoration with our newly machined brake bolts and don’t forget the hardware. 211721200

Brake Pedal Bolt, $12.00 each.
Brake Pedal Bolt
25 - 36hp Sebring Style Exhaust
Custom Speed Parts in Germany has added a stainless steel, merged 4 to 1 muffler to the vintage speed scene. These mufflers are Porsche inspired and fit 25-36hp engines. They include mounting hardware and are sure to add the sound and “look” your early bug or bus has been missing. Whether you’re running laps at Bonneville or cruising to your local VW meet, these mufflers are sure to turn heads.

Beetle, $1149.00
Bus, $1149.00
Sebring Exhaust
Split Case Transmission Gasket Set
Another Custom Speed parts “first” are these split case transmission gasket sets. Early Beetle and Bus owners are no longer subjected to having to make these from scratch or scour the internet to find NOS sets. These German made kits will keep the oil in your tranny and your VW on the road. Fits Beetle through 1960 and Bus through late 1959.

Split Case Transaxle Kit $32.00
Through 1955 Beetle Seat Pads


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