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Wolfsburg West Dual Port Carburetors and Components

The carburetor we use for our dual port kit is a copy of the original Solex 32PBIC unit. We have found that most of the components are interchangeable between the two. Click on the descriptions below for more details and to order.

Part # Illustration Description
111129021OK   Complete carburetor
111198567K   Rebuild kit for above carburetor
N186831 1 Hollow bolt for attaching fuel line
N186851 2 Fiber seals for above hollow bolt

Listed below are what we have for replacement jets.

Description Size Size included with supplied carb. Size
Main Jet 125 127.5 130
Air Correction Jet 180 190 200
Idle Jet 52.5 50 45
Pilot Air Bleed 150 160 170