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Bus Door Handle Variations

This handle is virtually identical to the 1955 and earlier Beetle door handle. Bus models used different keys as compared to the Beetle models. 1950-Mid'61 Bus door hanles use the same key profile, however the letter designation for the key may differ. "A", "D", "E", "F", "V" and "Z" were used (different letter code, same key profile!).


1950-Mid'61, inner view
This handle appears to be the same as the previous version, but it is different. The base unit is shallower, and the actuating hook is shorter in length. This is due to a recession present in the Mid'61-Mid'64 door in the area that houses the door handle. The key tumbler remained unchanged from the previous handle version.

Mid'61-Mid'64, inner view
The handle on the left is a Mid'61-Mid'64 version, and the handle on the right is the 1950-Mid'61 version. Notice the difference between the depth of the base unit, and the length of the actuating hook.

Notice the flat area behind the 1950-Mid'61 door handle.
This is an example of a Mid'61-Mid'64 door, notice how the area that houses the door handle is recessed.
A totally redesigned handle loses the "refrigerator" style flair, and utilizes a round shaped button to actuate the inner door lock mechanism. The inner portion of the button assembly consists of an actuating portion, known as the "paddle". The paddle is a die cast unit, which rotates in relation with the tumbler and actuates the inner door lock mechanism. Mid'64-1966 handles are different from the 1967-1968 handles in two ways. The paddle is longer, and the key tumbler utilizes a different key profile. 1967-1968 handles use an "L" profile key, while the Mid'64-1966 handles utilize an "L" profile key.

Notice the inner view of the new inner actuating mechanism (also known as the paddle). The length of the Mid'64-1966 paddle is 16mm (a little larger than 5/8") in length, while the 1967-1968 paddle is 10mm (13/32") in length.
An entirely new design is adopted by VW, and will remain unchanged (with the exception of the tumbler) for the remainder of the Bus production. The handle now uses a trigger style actuation, rather than the push button as seen in the Mid'64-1968 handles. All handles are chrome plated, standard and Deluxe. A total of two key profiles were used throughout this span of years, they
are as follows:
"L" profile, 1968-1970
"R" profile, 1971-1979

1969-1979, inner view