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Wolfsburg Wired October, 2001

The photograph to the right depicts a 1950-Early'51 assembly. The Early'51-Early'53 are identical, other than the fact that these use a plastic lens rather than glass. The Early'53-Mar'55, com-
monly referred to a "fisheye" taillights, utilize the same bezel, however the lens is more convex. Mar'55-1957 export mo- dels still used the fisheye assembly, however the lens features vertical grooves for improved light illumination.

Mar'55-1957 European models
The chrome bezel loses some flair, and the lens is now constructed of red glass and is flat and has hexagonal markings
to improve illumination.

The taillight is a little more refined looking, and features a flat red glass lens. The inner portion of the lens has hexagonal markings and is coated with a gold reflective agent. Surround-
ing the lens is a chrome bezel. The seal is much improved as compared to the early assemblies in that it seals the bulb holder, lens and bezel. Two versions of the taillight bulb holder were used, die cast and a stamped
steel variety. In December 1958, the taillight location is moved 100mm lower and 12mm towards the outside. Also in late 1958, the brake light illumination mig-
rates from the engine lid to within the taillights. Home market and export market vehicles utilized this taillight.

1962-1971 Export models
This assembly is very similar to the European version, how-
ever the lens is entirely red, utilizes a metal chrome bezel,
and a bulb holder that houses one bulb. This one bulb con-
trols brake, running, and turn signal illumination.

1962-1971 European models
The taillight increases in size, and uses a red/amber two-tone plastic lens. The upper portion (amber) illuminates direction, while the lower (red) illuminates for brake and running light func-
tion. The outer portion of the lens is chrome plated inside, giving an effect of a chrome bezel. The bulb holder houses two bulbs.

Taillight size is increased again, and incorporates turn signal, running, brake and reverse il-
lumination. The upper portion (amber) is reserved for turn signal, the middle (red) serves as running and brake light function and the bottom (white) il-
luminates for reverse. Home market and export market vehicles utilized this taillight.