Bus Brakes

When ordering brake parts please specify what your chassis number is and whether or not your car has a brake booster. This device sits in front of the master cylinder and is approximately 11" in diameter. Both of the above directly affect which brake parts we will need to supply. If your car has been modified, please call. If your car is a 1963 and came with the 1500cc motor option (most did in the USA) please call before ordering.


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Bus Brake Parts Not Shown

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STAR ADJUSTER, 1955-1970
BRAKE PAD SET, disc brakes, 1971-1972, ATE brand caliper
BRAKE PAD SET, disc brakes, 1973-1979 Girling brand caliper
BLEEDER VALVE, front, 1955-1970
RUBBER CAP, for above bleeder
LINE, master cyl. to front "t" fitting, 1967 only
SEAL, master cylinder to reservoir, 1967-1979, 2 per car
CHECK VALVE, for 1971-1979 brake servo
HOSE, blue, connects master cylinder to reservoir