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Car Color Charts

Not a day goes by without at least one phone call requesting information for correct paint colors and interior combinations for a particular Bug or Bus. As a result, the following color charts were born. To ensure 100% accuracy, all of the information contained within these charts was derived from VW factory literature. We have only supplied information that was contained within this literature; no guesswork was performed, just the facts. With this in mind, you may notice in our charts some omissions or blank fields. This indicates that this particular piece of information is not present in our VW factory information. We hope you enjoy this facet of our web site and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.

A few words about years.

While reading the charts, you will find that many colors are dated 8/1/** but the year you are searching on is actually one year later. All Bugs prior to 1955 were built according to the calendar year, this simply means for example that if the car was built at any date in 1954 then that car is a 1954 model. On August 1, 1955 VW introduced the 1956 Model Year. From this day forward VW started next years production on this date. Example, if a Bug chassis number is 1 673411 then this car was built in October 1957 and is a 1958 model. Buses, on the other hand, vary depending on the particular year of production. To find out what year your particular vehicle is, please e-mail your chassis number.

Need additional information than what is contained within our charts?

We have exhausted our means in assembling this database and do not have more information than is listed. For this reason, we are only able to provide answers to questions pertaining to the information listed on the charts. In addition, we ask that all questions regarding these matters to be composed via e-mail.

From what sources did you obtain your information?

All of the information was obtained from VW factory literature. The particular source is given at the bottom of the chart that you view. Please follow this link to view these sources.

The color your chart shows looks a little different than what my car is?

The colors shown are to give you a general idea of what your car looked like when new. Monitor settings, lighting and video cards all affect the way in which you interpret these colors. For a more accurate version, simply use the color-code and have the paint mixed accordingly. Most of these paints can still be mixed by code via an authorized "Glasurit" brand paint dealer. For information on locating your nearest authorized Glasurit paint dealer, call 1-800-825-3000.

7/29/99 Update

Glasurit now has a web site that contains detailed information about colors that are available (most are). You will need to search their database find the availability of your particular code. Click on "Color Net" after the site loads and type "VW" in the "Manufacturer's name" field and select a paint line. There are several different paint lines which contain VW paint mixing formulas, "18", "20", "22" and "55" are a few examples. Click-on the below link for Glasurit's home page.


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