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Click Here For Charging System Components
Generators, Voltage Regulator, Fan Belt

Click Here For Ignition Components & Starter, Points, Cap, Rotor, Spark Plugs, Starters

Click Here For Light Bulbs

Beetle Specific Electrical Components

Click Here For Beetle
Fuel Gauge, Ignition Switches, Fuse Box & Oil Sending Units

Click Here for Beetle Headlight Components, License Light Components, Dash Switch Knobs

Click Here For Beetle Front And Rear Blinker Assemblies
Front and Rear Blinker Lights

Click Here For Beetle Wiper Assembly Parts
Wiper Blades, Arms, Motors, Shafts, Switches

Click Here For Beetle Wiring Harness and Speedometers
Wiring Harness, Speedo, Battery Cables

Click Here For Miscellaneous Beetle Electrical Parts
Horn, Interior Light, Misc. Switches, Relays

Bus Specific Electrical Components

Click Here For Bus Electrical Parts
Ignition Components, Fuel Gauge, Headlights, Front & Rear Blinker Components, Fuse Box, Turn Signal Switch & Relay, Interior Light

Click Here For More Bus Electrical Parts
Horn Buttons, Windshield Wiper Components, Speedometer, Wiring Harnesses