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Wolfsburg West Dual Port Engine Kit

We offer the engine kit with your choice of carburetor linkage. The original version requires that you weld a bracket to your fan shroud. The bolt on version (pictured above) requires no welding or relocating of the coil but does require that the balance tube between the carburetors be placed forward of the fan thereby eliminating the spark plug wire conduit.

Complete Kits

Part # Description
111198700 Engine Kit with Original Style Linkage
111198700A Engine Kit with Bolt on Linkage

Kit Components

Parts included in the kit and additional repair components are listed below. Click on description for more detail.

Part Number Description
111129613OK Air filter assembly
111129155 Balance tube assembly
111129021OK Carburetors
111127511AOK Fuel line assembly
111129701OK Left intake manifold
111129702OK Right intake manifold
111198351OK Cylinder head and valves
N144161 Head studs with washers and nuts
111129717OK Manifold to cylinder head gaskets
111129707OK Manifold to carburetor gasket
111251260 Preheat block off plates

Linkage Kits

The complete dual port kit includes your choice of two different styles of carburetor linkage. Click on the links below for more details

111129951OE Original style linkage
111129951 Bolt on style linkage

Synchronizing tool for carburetors

111129100 Sync tool

Air Filter Elbows

111129615OK Elbows that allow the installation of the Okrasa air filter into a Karmann Ghia and coach belt models